You asked and they answered. Richard Fortus of The Dead Daisies spent some time to answer your questions. 

Hi! Your Line-ups are changing frequently in the last couple of month (e.g John replaces Jon, Tommy replaces Brian). Are theses changes 'planned,' like the past members just sign a contract for a period, or are they happened cause of music/personell issues?

We all have other gigs that we do.  Sometimes we have prior commitments and conflicts with our schedules.  We all do our best to make it happen, but sometimes it’s just not possible.  I’m sure that Brian will be back very soon.  We love playing with him!

Hi guys, who is the drummer from the Daisies for the future? Still Brian Tichy (but not on the recordings for the new Album and tour), Tommy Clufetos (or only for the tour) or Jackie James Barnes (or only on the Album)? But so what, I'm sure, that your new album will be tremendous! Like your shows on last years KK IV! 

Unfortunately, Brian couldn’t do the album due to prior commitments.  Tommy is a drummer that we love and are really looking forward to playing with him.  Brian will definitely be touring with us again.  Just couldn’t do this tour.

You guys did a great job on KISS Kruise IV - now with John as Leadsinger will you also perform some covers from Mötley Crüe or even KISS? Count the days to see you in in Vienna & Prague!

For the Kruise last year, we did Parasite and really enjoyed playing it.  I think we did a really cool version.  We ended up playing it in a few of our own shows after the Kruise.  I doubt that we will be doing any Crue songs, but ya never know!

Who the f*** is Daisy and why is she dead? And why is she shizophr.... i mean plural?

We are all Daisy.  Deep inside each and every one of us, there is a Daisy (a dead one)

 Hi guys, who is your hairdresser?

We all wear wigs.  It seems to work for KISS, so we figured we’d give it a go

 Hey guys,what is the biggest difference between playing festivals and Arena shows? Are the crowds any different, the atmosphere, backstage shenanigans?

The biggest difference is that Arena shows are INSIDE.  There’s a roof.  The crowds are in doors as opposed to being outside.  Shenanigans definitely run rampant backstage at festivals AND at arena shows.  There tends to be a bit more tomfoolery at arena shows and festivals lean more towards skullduggery and hijinks.  

Hey daisies, whats up?, are you excited for the gig on rock in vienna? i am, love to see marco and richard again. 

Why yes, we ARE very excited for Rock in Vienna.  Marco and I am love to see you too!

What was the weirdest or strangest thing a fan ever made for you? 

Voodoo dolls, weird boxes with random animal parts and crystals.  I once had a fan break in to my car and leave drawings that they’d done of me.